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Bupropion was first developed to treat depression. It was later found that it helped smokers to stop smoking and has become known as the "stop smoking pill".

Bupropion is also sometimes prescribed for the treatment of bipolar depression, attention deficit disorder and for the prevention of seasonal affective disorder. It has also been indicated for other uses as follows:

Treatment of Sexual dysfunction
Although it is not an FDA-approved indication, a large body of evidence exists in favor of Bupropion's use for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. According to a survey, Bupropion is the drug of choice among psychiatrists for the treatment of serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) induced sexual dysfunction. In that survey, 36 percent of the responding psychiatrists said they preferred switching their patients with sexual dysfunction to Buproprion. There are studies demonstrating its efficacy in the improvement of the desire and orgasm components of the sexual function. Several studies have also indicated that Bupropion helps to relieve sexual dysfunction among non-depressed patients. Notably, Bupropion has also showed promise as a treatment for sexual dysfunction caused by chemotherapy for breast cancer and for orgasmic dysfunction.

Interestingly, Bupropion does not affect any measures of sexual functioning in healthy males.

Obesity Treatment
A recent review/meta-analysis confirmed the efficacy of Bupropion (400 mg/day) for the treatment of obesity. Over a 6-12 month period, weight loss achievements by Bupropion patients was comparable to those of patients who were using more established weight loss medications such as Sibutramine, Orlistat and Diethylpropion.

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