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  BUPROPRION Stop Smoking Pill

Bupropion is also known as the "stop smoking pill", because it is also marketed and sold under the trade / brand name "Zyban". Zyban has been used, very successfully, to treat nicotine addiction. Unlike many other anti-smoking agents which supply an alternative source of nicotine other than cigarettes, Zyban works at the neurological level, reducing the craving for nicotine in any form.

The Bupropion treatment course for the cessation of smoking typically lasts for seven to twelve weeks, with the patient halting the use of tobacco around ten days into the course. Studies have shown that the efficacy of Bupropion is similar to that of nicotine replacement therapy and that Bupropion approximately doubles the chance of quitting smoking successfully after 3 months. Undoubtedly, Bupropion reduces the severity of nicotine cravings and addiction/withdrawal symptoms, and has been credited with a high percentage of successes with regard to smoking cessation. It is truly indeed the stop smoking pill.

It is not 100% clear how Bupropion works to help patients stop smoking. What is known is that it alters the level of some chemicals in the brain (neurotransmitters). This seems in turn to relieve the withdrawal symptoms that typically occur when you stop smoking (such as restlessness, headaches, irritability, craving, anxiety, hunger, difficulty with concentration, or simply just feeling awful).

Typically, if the patient has not reduced smoking by the 7th week of Bupropion / Zyban therapy, it is unlikely that he/she will quit during that attempt, and Zyban therapy is normally discontinued.

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